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Gestión Hostelera de Toledo S.L. (the“Company”) is the owner of the Hotel Abad Web site: “www.apartamentosabadtoledo.com”. The information and contents of our Web site are the property of the Company or of its partners or associates. The downloading, reproduction, distribution, assignment, transfer, modification or public communication of the information and contents of our Web site for commercial uses or uses other than the personal use of the user are absolutely forbidden.

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In all cases, we reserve the right to temporarily and without any prior notice suspend the accessibility to our Web site in order to do maintenance, repair, updating or improvement of the services, information and contents, and to modify or update the information, contents and access conditions to the Web site.

We are responsible for the information, contents, products or services directly originated by ourselves which may be included in this Web site, and we undertake to offer them with the highest standards of quality and service.

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